Who we cater for

Educare Aventura

Educare Aventura organises a large number of activities for everybody. Some of these activities require a certain level of fitness because of their difficulty and hardship.

Our services are good for: Travel Agencies that work with Active and rural tourism, hotels, Rural houses , people in general, groups or individuals, and public or private companies that would benefit from our services for especial purposes or events.

Our main interest is to make people know, enjoy and live sports in a natural environment. We offer safe and high quality service so that you can enjoy the activity you have chosen the most.

Who we are

Educare Aventura based on courses of sport activities in contact with nature. Its aim is to carry out programmes in the area of non formal education. Educare was created in 1997... Leer mas...

What we do

Educare Aventura organises programmed activities in contact with nature, we give each activity a pedagogic approach Leer mas...

Where we are

Our offices are in downtown Malaga : Plaza de la Merced 16, 2º Derecha, next to the Museum-Casa Natal de Picasso.

You can also contact us on the phone:

+34 952 602 279.

Educare Aventura S.L.empresa de turismo activo con Nº de registro AT/MA/00020 en la Consejería de Turismo y Deporte de la Junta de Andalucía. Oficina Central. Plaza de la Merced 16, 2º D (Málaga) - Teléfono de información + 34 600 620 054.
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