Legal identification of the society

As stated in article number 10 of the law 34/2002, July for Information and Electronic Commerce Societies, Educare Aventura S:L con C.I.F. B-92496801 registered in the Registro MercantilNº5 of Malaga, Volume 3437 , Page MA-67016, inscription 1, Book 2349, Folio185 , with address in Plaza de La Merced street Nº 16.

You can contact us by E-mail:, or on the phone 952 602 279 or 952 602 279 (Fax).


Educare Aventura SL, from now on Educare Aventura, wants to inform the users about its policy to protect personal information which may be required in this web site, so that the user can decide whether giving this information to Educare Aventura or not.

Educare Aventura has the right to modify its policy for the protection of personal information according to its own criteria, legislation or judicial reasons. Such modifications will be published in this web site, so that the user can read them.
In any case, the relationship with the users will be ruled by the ones in force at the moment in which the web site is being visited. Article Nª 5 of the Organic Law 15/1999 December 13th for the Protection of Personal Information states:

a) Existance and ownership of the file

The personal information given in this site, will be added to an automatized data basesystemresponsible of which is Educare Aventura , a Spanish society, owner of the web site , with address in Plaza de la Merced St. number 16, 29012, Malaga and E-mail:

Basically, your personal information will be added to a data base called Educare Aventura , registered in the Agency for the Protection of personal information.

When filling and sending the forms included in this site, you are accepting that your personal information will be used according to our present protection policy.

b) What we need your personal information for:

- When the information comes from the user registering forms : To receive our news periodically, scientific and media reports, administration and improvement of our services, new or updated services, technical and commercial information, and any other information which could be relevant for our clients. This information will be sent by post or electronic mail.

- When the information comes from application forms: It will be used in future processes for the selection of personnel.

c) Addresses and cession of information

Sending the forms with personal information, implies that the user authorizes Educare Aventura to use this information as explained in b).

In case this information needs to be used by somebody else, the user will be previously notified who needs the information, what he does and what he needs the information for.
In the case the ones who are using the user’s personal information has domicile abroad, Educare Aventura will guarantee in any case, confidentiality and safe use of the information; asking if necessary, authorization to the Director of the Agency for the Protection of Personal Information.

d) It is compulsive to answer some of the questions to receive the information required

Those parts of the forms which have an asterisk, are compulsory and are considered necessary to receive the servicerequired. So, if they are not, Educare Aventura will not be able to give the user the information available in this site.

In those parts where the asterisk indicates the opposite, the answers to Personal Information are voluntary. So, if those answers are not completed, it will not affect the quality or quantity of the services required.

e) Right to access, modification, cancellation or opposition:

The user or in any case his representative, has the right to access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, as stated in the Organic Law 15/1999, December 13thfor the Protection of Personal Information or any other concerning this points; by means of a written application which must be signed and addressed to:
- E-mail:
- Mail address: Educare Aventura, plaza de La Merced St. Nº16, 29012, Malaga.

The application must contain the following information: Name and address of the user, complete address in case of any notification, photocopy of the DNI or Passport and the reason why you are sending this application. In the case of a representative, the identity must be proved with an attesting document.

The right to access will be annual, except a different period is agreed. Once the identity is checked, Educare Aventura will notify about its decision in within a period of a month. If it was accepted, you will have access to your personal information in our files in within a period of ten days commencing the day you received the notification.

The right to rectification and cancellation could be put into practice if the user considers that the information in our files is incorrect, incomplete or inadequate. Once the identity is verified, Educare Aventura will rectify or cancel the information which is incorrect in within a period of ten days commencing the day we receive your form.

f) Uses of the cookies:

Educare Aventura wants to inform their clients the use of cookies while the user is surfing the different screens and pages in this web site.

The cookies are small data files created by the server and installed in the user’s computer, which are used to identify the user’s session, this is, for the persistence of the user’s information, identification and password, and to remember the user’s browser.

The cookies which are used, are only associated with the browser of a specific computer (unknown user) they do not reveal, by themselves, the user’s name and surname. Thanks to the cookies, it is possible for Educare Aventura to recognize the user’s browser which was registered after the user’s first registration, so it is not necessary for him to register every time he wants to enter the areas and services exclusively reserved for him.

The user can configurate its browser so that he can notice in the screen that cookies are being used and to avoid the installing of cookies in the hard disk. However, the company is not responsible if, because of their deactivation, the page would not work correctly. Please check the instructions of your browser to enlarge this information.

To use the website, it is not necessary for the user to install the cookies sent by Educare Aventura.

The cookies which are used in this web site are activated by our server.

The cookies are valid while the user is connected, that means since he opens the browser until he closes it or for a fixed period of time, if there is no activity.

g) Security measures

Educare Aventura has adopted security and protection measures for the protection of personal information as well as technical measures and also for organization, as required in the Real decree 994/1999, for the security of files containing personal information, to avoid misusing, changes, unauthorized access and data theft from the site. Nevertheless, the user needs to understand that the security measures in internet are not inexpugnable.

h) Who is in charge

Educare Aventura has a contract with companies that deal with its personal and confidential data system.

i) Doubts

Any doubts or comments you may have, you can let us know, sending it to:
- E-mail:
- Postal address: Educare Aventura, plaza de La Merced st. Nº16, 2912, Malaga.

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